TRUCELS: 5 reasons why Ted Bundy is a CHAD

“It wasn’t that I disliked women or were afraid of them, It was just that I didn’t seem to have an inkling as to what to do about them. I honestly can’t say why.”

That is what Ted Bundy said to Michaud and Aynesworth even though he previously said he had problems interacting with women. Typical Chads don’t know what it’s really like to be an INCEL (involuntary Celibate).

But this Chad is on a new level, he is getting his own movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile on the fact of how much of a chad he really is. What do incels really think of him? Well, get your inceltear tissue box and lotion bottle ready and hold off on roping and taking the black pill for a minute because we are going to dig deep into this question.

In inceldom, these self fulfilling losers that think “femoids” and “stacy’s” of the world only go after physical looks – little do they know a hunk like Ted Bundy is strong in 5 characteristics that make him out to be a Chad to trucels. It’s not just about being a gymcel to be “looksmaxing”. Here are 5 reasons why Ted Bundy is a complete Chad.

1. Style

Style is not just about putting something on to cover your gut or your hid your pigeon rib cage … no, no, no! When you dress the proper way it can help you stand out, make you look and even FEEL more confident.


This Mr. Bundy, as crummy as he is (or cool for murdering roasties, depending how hard you swallowed the black pill) knew how to dress. Think about it, his clothes fit him, he knew how to match his clothes, he may not have been the richest man in the world but he knew where to spend his money, on new suits, button downs, turtleneck long sleeve shirts. patterned tie, and accessories such a scarfs. Ted even knew how to stand out by wearing striped suits! But when he isn’t dressed up he knows how to rock a white Tee shirt and jeans.

2. Witty

Ted Bundy was known for being a genius, though you don’t need a high IQ to attract women you do need some wits, especially when it comes to logistics and seducing fembots. Ted Bundy had everything planned out on how he would carry out murders. Think about how he escaped from custody TWICE! That must have taken a lot of planning before execution (pun intended).

The need for solving logistics is strong, once the woman was attracted to you, what is your next move? Ted had his all planned out. This man obviously got laid a lot, he had his own method on how he dealt with things.

3. Game

You gotta give it to the guy, Ted had strong game. On top of having a plan for everything he was known for starting up conversation by casually bumping into someone, dropping books, putting himself in an arm sling for that whole “help me, I’m injured!” approach. Unnecessary for roasties to approach you but it was his method and it worked.

Obviously pickup isn’t for you to fake an injury but back then there was no such thing as a dating coach or love guru. There wasn’t a strong self-help community at all. It was every man for himself. The only knowledge normies got was from their peers or from their father, which this Lady Killer was a bastard child. He was left figuring things out for himself.

4. Social Proof

This one is madly overlooked by every INCEL. Ted Bundy claimed to have more female friends than male friends – In his own words:

“I’ve always preferred women to men, I probably have sixty percent women friends and close to 40 percent men friends,” he claimed. “It’s always been divided that way. I enjoy women.”

Okay, maybe that is pushing it a little, Teddy… without internet or social media back in the day it’s hard to really say who he was friends with but i’ll take his word on the fact that he had femoid friends.


There is a weird thing about women, there was a study done and replicated many times since on social proof. This is one of the main things we teach at Alpha Pickup. When women are shown a picture of men with women facing them, they will rank higher for being attractive. The study was done by Benedict Jones.

Also, to max out his looksmax, it must have helped that he went to college where he was exposed to all these women (propinquity effect) and often too (mere exposure effect).

Propinquity effect is a fancy word for putting yourself in proximity with femoids and roasties, making it easier for you to date them considering you won’t have a femoid knocking at your door asking for virgincels and curries.

Mere exposure (given if you don’t scowl at them) is what happens when you are around someone or something long enough, you get use to it and thus being more comfortable around it.

Must have been a huge game changer for him, seeing the majority of his friends were femoids!

5. Confidence

Just think about how easily and how many people he convinced he was innocent, or at the very least he made doubt the fact he went full ER. It was obvious he was the murderer! But when you carry your words with conviction, it can become reality to others. You get people to believe in you and you become a leader.

And leadership is attractive in a stacy’s eyes, not the symmetry in the face.

With enough conviction you can create zealots to believe you did not murder 50 – 100 or so femoids.

With these 5 characteristics you can adopt, you will see your life will change. It may not happen overnight. It WILL take time. But adopting these qualities can lead you leaving the incel community, shit posting on and hating on Chads and become a Chad.

Maybe Incels should switch up their medication and take the Red Pill instead of the Black Pill. Or maybe they are just colorblind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nate D

CEO at Alpha Pickup
Nate DeGrave is Alpha Pickup CEO and disruptive new pickup coach that resulted from a frustration with the fraud and fakeness in the community. Dating was never easy for him growing up, but after discovering self development, he spent a decade transforming himself and created a celebrity type lifestyle. Since 2016 he’s personally met and gamed with the “world’s best PUAs” and each time tooled and stole their women. He now has three girlfriends and people refer to him as the next Dan B.
Nate D

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