My Routine for Closing Hired Guns 100% of the Time

Hired guns…they’re SO HOT. And so elusive.

It seems like especially in the club, they’re impossible to talk to. They’re busy, and they’re dealing with guys like you all night long.

That’s why it’s no secret that the best times to talk to them is either during the weekday, or when it’s least crowded.

It also helps to get them outside of the venue.

Instead of stopping them before they get to work or after they leave, how about before they ever start the job?

Below you will find a super sneaky trick to getting multiple 10s phone numbers in a very non-threatening way.

I was almost hesitant in posting this article because it’s THAT good.

But here it is in all its glory, start to finish, with nothing left out.

Winter Auditions: The Perfect Opportunity

Where do lots of 10s get together during the day, generally in a sober an non-threatening environment?

The answer is AUDITIONS!

These can range from modeling auditions of any kind, to acting, dancing, and any other event that tends to attract beautiful women.

In this case, we’re referring to the city of Las Vegas. The best opportunities are during casting calls for cocktail waitresses, bartenders, and atmosphere models.

Every year, clubs all over the city hold auditions in the winter where these 10s congregate.

The Routine

You know why they’re there, so you’re already 1 step ahead. Get there an hour early, and be prepared to hit these girls up on the way out with the following routine…


Hey, are you auditioning for XYZ?

This is as non threatening as it gets. As long as you’re confident and approach well and with a smile, 99% of girls will stop. They’ll want to know why you’re asking and they’ll be surprised you know about the auditions.

(Girl responds)

Build Value

Yeah, my friend Sarah (make up a name) has been in there for about an hour and I’m wondering what’s taking her so long…

You are just asking her a question while subtlely demonstrating that you are part of the “in-crowd”, are involved in the industry and MOST IMPORTANTLY, are with a girl. You are preselected, because you hang out with hot girls who model.

Game isn’t long winded. You want to be able to build value as quickly as possible, in as few words as you can, so you can go back to being normal and acting like yourself.

As long as your non verbals, style, looks and all other elements are in check, that’s all you have to do before closing.


Hey, I love your look/style by the way. You should totally come to an event we’re throwing.

Notice something on the girl, and just pay her a BTW type compliment. And finally, when going for the close, always end with a container event.

Women in this industry love to party, want to be seen at exclusive events and meet cool people. If you give a reason to bring her along, such as her style and follow up with an event, you have a high chance of closing.

This would have been 10,000 times harder to do in the club.

A Word On Closing

If you following our method at all, you’d know I always recommend closing with Instagram, and having a dope ass feed that will build massive attraction for you. If you don’t already have one don’t worry, that will come. It just helps tremendously, and I believe in using every tool at your disposal.

Plus, how can you remember every girl you talk to? Putting a face to the name solves that problem asap.

Get the social media, whether it’s IG or Facebook, and THEN get her number. It’s easier to do it that way when you have her jump through the easier hoop first.

Real World Example

What’s a theory without a real world application? We’re not whiteboard PUAs, but players who just love meeting women and have a knack for teaching it.

In the below example, I am waiting outside a popular club in Las Vegas who is holding model auditions. I am out with my i8, because let’s be honest, women are gold diggers. And if you have a cool car and DON’T use it, or are too proud, you’re an idiot.

Anyway, I miss the approach, but it’s essentially identical to what I teach above. And in this particular case, she was also very drunk.

That’s what made it possible to make out with her in the parking lot after a 5 minute conversation.


In conclusion, the above routine has been tried, tested, and proven to work. It’s also very simple. This proves that lying to women is very effective, and all it takes is a little creativity in order to meet women of high value.

In the case above, we mention Las Vegas casting calls, but these could be anything ranging from auditions in NYC to model signups in Miami.

I made it work several times, and intend to do more in field examples of this when I can. And guess what? Some of them got the job, and who do you think will be there on her first night to say hi?

UPDATE: This also resulted in our coach Drew getting 13 quality numbers in less than an hour. You won’t get results like that ANYWHERE ELSE!

Nate D

CEO at Alpha Pickup
Nate DeGrave is Alpha Pickup CEO and disruptive new pickup coach that resulted from a frustration with the fraud and fakeness in the community. Dating was never easy for him growing up, but after discovering self development, he spent a decade transforming himself and created a celebrity type lifestyle. Since 2016 he’s personally met and gamed with the “world’s best PUAs” and each time tooled and stole their women. He now has three girlfriends and people refer to him as the next Dan B.
Nate D

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