The D.E.N.N.I.S System: Using it in Real Life

Every now and again, Hollywood comes out with a real piece of gold when it comes to dating.

In this most recent example, Dennis from the TV Show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” explains a new system for how he attracts and seduces women.

He calls it the D.E.N.N.I.S system, and after watching it several times myself have determined that it’s an effective approach to the female psychology.

And ultimately, a sure-fire way of creating psychotic, sex craved nymphos that won’t leave you alone.

In this article, I will briefly go over each phase, as well as examples of ways you can use it in real-life dating.

Dennis, you’re a smart, smart sociopathic man.

Sociopathy gets a thumbs up from us at Alpha Pickup as an effective way to manipulate outcomes in your favor.

Let’s begin.


D: Demonstrate Your Value

In the show, Dennis uses an example of fulfilling prescriptions for his dying grandmother.

This is clearly an easy way to show your empathetic and caring qualifies, whether or not they actually exist.

The way this can be used to your advantage is simple: determine what traits you want your woman to discover, then figure out what scenarios you can create to passively convey it.

Real world examples

  • To induce social proof: you can have people approach you and ask to take a picture.
  • To create preselection: have a picture of you and an attractive girl on your phone that she “happens” to see.
  • To display wealth: she might notice a car key, or this can easily be displayed with a watch, jewelry, or even your style.

Why this works

Women are attracted to value. And the more of it you have in her eyes, the more attractive you will become. As a man, the seduction is up to you. She doesn’t know you, and upon approach will just assume you’re like every other loser who says hi.

You must be able to display your value quickly, then convey attributes in a charming way.


Nate D

CEO at Alpha Pickup
Nate DeGrave is Alpha Pickup CEO and disruptive new pickup coach that resulted from a frustration with the fraud and fakeness in the community. Dating was never easy for him growing up, but after discovering self development, he spent a decade transforming himself and created a celebrity type lifestyle. Since 2016 he’s personally met and gamed with the “world’s best PUAs” and each time tooled and stole their women. He now has three girlfriends and people refer to him as the next Dan B.
Nate D

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I like the M.A.C System. Move-in After Completion. seems to work very well considering after you separate entirely she will be emotionally vulnerable haha

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