We strive in everything we do. That includes our shit talking. We hope you weren’t left out of this list; we tried to get you all 😉

If we did, we sincerely do not apologize. You obviously weren’t important enough to even be thought of.

Anyway, welcome to the PUA Hall of Shame.

We made sure to deeply and thoroughly analyze each pick up artist in terms of skills, teaching ability, students results, and real-life results. Each one has been rigorously researched in our PICKUP LAB by our team of social scientists and psych majors (not really)

But we are guys that get results. And I can see a player, or a phony when I see one.

Pick your favorite guru below and let the fun begin:

Adam Lyons
Andy Yosha
Anthony Dream
Arash Dibazar
Asian Playboy
Austen Summers
Bradicus Maximus
Brian Black
Corey Wayne (easiest target)
DJ Fuji
Daniel Blake
David Swift
Evolution Daily
Honest Signalz
James Tusk
Jason Capital
Jon Sinn
Justin Wayne
Kezia Noble
Kosmo PUA
Love Systems
Matthew Hussey
Matt Artisan
Moe Abassi
Neil Strauss
RSD Jeffy
RSD Julien
RSD Luke
RSD Madison
RSD Maze
RSD Sarah
RSD Todd
RSD Tyler
Richard La Ruina
Rollo Tamassi
Ross Jeffries
Ryan Francis
Simple Pickup
Squattin Cassanova
Steve Mayeda
The Beckster Lifestyle
Tom Torero
Tripp Advice
Viking Lifestyle
Vince Kelvin
Zan Perrion