How To NEVER Run Out Of Things To Say

One of the major sticking points that a lot of new aspiring pickup artists, Average Frustrated Chumps (also known as an AFC) is they always draw a blank. They don’t know how to carry a conversation or build comfort and with that, they end up ejecting out of the set and go home with a dry dick.

Super annoying, before you consider taking a boot camp with ALPHA PICKUP we want to make sure you’re caught up to speed a little bit so that way when you’re out in the field with us you can begin the advanced game tactics.

From what I noticed when it comes to guys stereotyping women, they think one of 2 things:

Women don’t talk enough
Women never shut up
So obviously, one of those has to be wrong… And if you’re having the issue with them not talking enough I have some news for you – It’s the wrong issue to have!

The goal is to have women not wanting to shut up! The more they talk, the better.

The title of this article is “how to never run out of things to say” BUT why not just have them talk the whole time? The goal is to get them to talk as much as possible SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

All you have to do is chime in every once in a while, smile, and nod like an idiot.

But how do you do you get to that point?

Open-ended questions.

Guys, they ask too many questions like an interview. This is just signs of them fumbling the ball before they fail to score. They tend to ask a lot of YES/NO questions and that is their issue.

If you ask a YES/NO question, what kind of answers are you expecting?

This is an example of a close-ended question: “What is your favorite color?”

Answer: Blue

There, the answer is fulfilled. You don’t need any more information after that. But let’s try something else.

Here is an example of an open-ended, casual question: “How was your flight to Las Vegas?”

Answer: The flight was awful, I got charged extra for carry-on when the people before being that got on the plain had a larger bag than me and they didn’t have to pay extra. Then when I got on the plain, the guy next to me was so fat that his rolls spilled over to my seat and he stunk the whole way here because he took off his shoes after take-off.”

Now of course, the girl you’re trying to pickup could say something like “it was good” which could throw things off but that just means you need to build more comfort or say something more detailed like. “I heard Mccarren Airport can be a real bitch sometimes”

Notice something there? I used a statement instead of a question.

That’s cool because most of the conversations are through statements.

RIGHT NOW, check your Facebook Messenger. Read the conversation between you and your best friend. How many questions do you use? Skip the .gifs …

How often do you REALLY use questions? Probably not as often as you would think.

Speak in statements and you’ll get the job done.

Consider spending a night and play a game to never ask a question when talking to women OR play the game with your wingman, first one to ask a question, loses.

Simple, but it works.

That is how you get HER to worry about running out of things to say next.

Drew Schroeder

Drew Schroeder has been in the pickup artist community for over a decade. Originally from Detroit, where he went from being a nerdy in-denial Runescape playing loser to throwing massive Project X inspired parties. Later to moving to Las Vegas in late 2012 to start off at ground zero again and within a few years built his social circle to a critical mass in the Las Vegas nightlife industry. Now Drew’s network has spilt over into other cities around the world and spends his spare time out at clubs soaking up the residual VIP treatment, hanging out with models and getting paid to party.

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